We understand you may need to see the quality of umbrellas to help you make a selection, but please understand that there is a cost of not just making & providing the product, but delivery of the samples also.

Your options are:

  • $35.00 + GST for 1 sample umbrella (including delivery)
  • $55.00 + GST for 2 sample umbrellas (including delivery)
  • $75.00 + GST for 3 sample umbrellas (including delivery)

with a maximum of 3 samples provided.

You can either keep these umbrellas (handy to have anyway) or return them for a full refund if they are returned in perfect condition with the hang tags in place.

Please note: Payment must be made upfront before your samples can be sent.

If the umbrellas are later returned as listed above a full refund will be made.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Please call 1 800 036 161 or email to arrange for some samples to be sent.

Note: The 3 umbrellas shown are available as corporate umbrellas but the styles & colour are just used as examples. Clifton have many more styles & colours as shown on the home page.